Logbook Servicing

When buying a new car the warranty that comes with it protects you from certain unexpected expenses early in the vehicle’s life. To maintain this protection, it’s often required that you bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic for regular logbook servicing, to ensure that your vehicle’s running smoothly and that any problems are detected before they cause you any trouble.

Smart Auto Service & Repairs offers comprehensive logbook servicing and new car servicing for all makes and models of passenger cars, light commercial vans and utes, and rigid trucks up to a weight of 16 tonnes and trailers and caravans up to 3.5 tonnes.

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Safety Inspections

Our team at Smart Auto Service & Repairs is licensed to perform a range of safety inspections for the Department of Motor Transport Queensland. Your vehicle requires a safety certificate if:

You’ve let your registration run out and you need to get your car re-registered
You’re changing states and need to get the vehicle re-registered in the new state
You’re selling your vehicle you also need to have an inspection completed
We can conduct safety inspections for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and rigid trucks not exceeding 16 tonnes and trailers up to 3.5 tonnes. To book your vehicle in for an inspection, contact us today.

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Brake, Clutch & Transmission

Being able to bring your vehicle to a complete stop when you need to is paramount to safe driving, and a healthy drive train eliminates a number of issues with performance or maintaining speed.

At Smart Auto Service & Repairs we can provide a complete repair and replacement of your vehicle’s brake components, from brake pads, discs rotors or brake drums to hydraulics. We can also provide maintenance of your clutch systems and transmission, as well as machine new brake discs and drums in-house to shorten the time of repairs.

We can also provide servicing and repairs for your vehicle’s automatic transmission. To find out more about our brake and drive line services, contact us today.

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Steering & Suspension

If your steering feels loose or unresponsive, or if you’re experiencing ride comfort issues, it likely stems from wear and tear in your vehicle’s steering and suspension components, which can affect your vehicle’s handling and make for a less comfortable driving experience.

Our team at Smart Auto can replace your worn steering and suspension components, to get your vehicle handling safely and predictably. We can also recommend replacement sets from our range of quality tyres, to match your vehicle, environment and driving style, as well as offer wheel balancing and alignment for optimum contact between wheels and road and improving your vehicle’s handling.

To find out what else we can do for your vehicle’s handling and ride comfort, get in touch with us today.

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Engine Services

Our expert mechanics can offer a host of repairs and services for your vehicle’s petrol or diesel engine, to optimise fuel efficiency and improve overall performance.

In addition to conventional repairs such as reconditioning and fuel injector cleaning, we can also offer EFI diagnostics for a clearer picture of your engine’s fuel management, replace timing belts including a full inclusive kit, and service CV joints for optimal power delivery to the drivetrain. We can also install and replace intercoolers and turbochargers for increased performance and greater power.

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Radiator & Cooling Systems

Keeping your vehicle’s engine cool is vital to maintaining peak performance, fuel efficiency and engine health. Overheating is one of the most common problems associated with your engine, and can lead to anything from wasted fuel and power loss to damage to your engine’s pistons, cylinders and gasket head, which can take your vehicle off the road entirely.

Our team can make sure your cooling system is working just as it should, keeping your vehicle cool and healthy. If your vehicle’s running a little hotter than usual, give us a call and organise an inspection as soon as possible.

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Air Conditioning

Particularly in Australia’s unpredictable climate, having a properly functioning air conditioning system ready to keep you and your passengers cool is vital to ride comfort. But even in cooler months, extended periods of disuse can lead to cracks and leaks developing in your system, which can reduce your system’s cooling power when you need it.

We can provide a complete servicing of your air conditioning system, from replacement units and hosing to an ARC-certified re-gassing of your system once we’re satisfied your vehicle’s leak-free.

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Auto-Electrical Repairs

As vehicles become more and more complex and intricate with its electronics, having an electrical system capable of supporting the various sensors and diagnostic tools in your vehicle is essential to good vehicle health.

Our diagnostic scan tools can help locate vehicle trouble in a variety of important vehicle areas, helping us properly repair your vehicle to your satisfaction. We can also conduct repairs on other essential systems, from power steering modules to anti-lock brakes and airbag deployment systems, as well as repair or replace damaged alternators or starter motors. We also carry a range of batteries for all makes and models of vehicles.

To find out more about our auto-electrical services, get in touch with one of our staff today!

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If your vehicle’s muffler is making a rattle, or producing a strange smell, it can be indicative of wear and tear in your exhaust, which can create problems with air flow to your engine and expose you and your passengers to dangerous engine fumes.

We can repair your vehicle’s exhaust system, patching up damage as required, or replace the entire exhaust system from our range of aftermarket parts.

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Other Services

Windscreen replacement, trailers and caravans and rigid trucks. Smart Auto Services also offers a range of other services, including

repairs and servicing of trailers, caravans and rigid trucks
repair and replacement of windscreens
accepting private work, as well as fleet and trade vehicle repairs
pick-up and drop-off service (booking essential)
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